#openledger begins #incent sales

Incent is now selling live on Openledger, being the first exchange to bring the coin live following the Incent ICO. Incent, as many of the ICO investors know, is a coin that is dedicated to the Loyalty industry, and offers merchants a common coin for such purposes.


There are plenty of coins available for trading on Openledger, and while the system is somewhat less intuitive than other GUI systems, it still contains a strong ledger for easy accounting purposes.

Openledger is also continuing its offerings of other coins, as well as furthering the development of its ecosystem as denoted by the interesting orbiting display found at their site:



OBITS is one of the original tokens setup by Ronny and his development team as a holding fund for the commissions paid by traders using the OpenLedger system, and anyone is able to buy a stake in this project by purchasing Obits.

It is likely that Incent will be one of the more actively traded coins, especially as new traders see that Incent has been introduced since Incent Coin has been one of the main topics of discussion for traders over the past few months.

Read more about Openledger on their Blog: http://blog.openledger.info/

#postcoin makes gains on #yobit

Post coin, as many of our readers may know, is one coin that we have been watching for quite some time, and it seems like the coin is finally gaining some momentum on the markets as traders are starting to realize the potential it has.

You may remember our previous articles on POST or one of our other articles and you can see how this innovative coin is one of the contenders against other popular social media coins like STEEMIT.


Today’s volume was over 6 BTC and the Buy Wall on POST is stacked, making it one of the hotter coins on Yobit at the moment.

This coins seems like it will continue to trend up based on the high buy wall.


Read more about Post Coin on the Official BTCtalk thread

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Stellar Coin Goes Commercial, #nasdaq reports

While it has been years now since any of the coins have been publicly adopted by commercial banks, it has finally come to light that Stellar is one coin that may be moving on up in the world as a solution for commercial micropayment. According to a recent news release from the NasDaq, http://www.nasdaq.com/article/global-banks-and-financial-operators-using-stellar-to-create-a-global-payment-network-cm718155


According to the news release, the new adoption will allow many underprivileged people around the world the opportunity to conduct borderless mircopayment transactions.

Stellar has been around for as long as any of the altcoins, and is actually one of the first altcoins to come forward as an alternative to Bitcoin.

Today’s price on Stellar showed a 15% gain, and analysts are split on whether the coin will continue its upward momentum, or slide back to previous trading levels.


The recent announcement from the NasDaq has positioned Stellar as a more widely accepted Altcoin, and it’s price is reflecting these changes.


Ether Dives, Bitcoin Holds

Ether experienced a larger than average price drop, going down 4% in the overnight/day trades, pushing it below the $7 USD price point for the first time in months. Bitcoin continues to remain relatively stable around the 771.33 USD price point over the past few days, which Altcoins continue to struggle to gain momentum against increasingly hedged markets.


With the decline in prices from ETH, AUGUR, and other high-rated Alts, the BTC dominance has increased above the 85% level!




What’sup with #NAUT #PAR ???

Does anyone know what is up with Nautilus coin? After taking a look at the charts and noticing it has been in a downtrend for some time, it begs the question of when this coin will turn around?

Currently priced at approx. 5 cents USD, the Nautilus Coin Twitter feed says that this coin is actually valued at closer to $2?



Will the new tax regulations in the US offer NAUT some redemption as a charity coin?



The coin was trading at 75,000 Satoshi in September, and many analysts thought it would turn around and go up at 45,00 SAts, then 25,000 SATS, and now it is just sitting around 7000 satoshis, down 1000% percent from three months ago.

During this time, the trading has been downward with the buy wall slowly growing around the 5,000 mark.



Any updates on progress on this coin from anyone? Any ideas? Please leave some comments on what you think of this coin, and whether the NAUT to PAR conversion will be happening soon?

NAUT is sold at poloniex.com and bittrex.com

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Ether set to climb? #poised

Poised for growth? ETHER continues to be a solid alternative to Bitcoin, and is highly affordable compared to it’s $11 price weeks earlier. Cyber Monday is over? Time to see the price climb?


#ETHER coin is fascinating computer users all over the world with its disruptive technology, giving investors, developers, and computer geeks some real playing potential.



YES, that is right, ETHER can do plenty of things, and with the recent inquiry into Bitcoin by the IRS, it is likely that the coin will try and be even more greatly regulated, as Coinbase, and other companies are now sharing user data with registries.

Project developers who had harder times illustrating equity in digital currencies should be rewarded for their recognition and development in the field of computing for their hard work and dedication to such a well-developed platform for business and communication, which has always been a barrier to large-scale international business.

“To have put something on the table for businesses to use, and take advantage of, in a capitalist market, is really as true as free-enterprise gets, and to have so many choices of coins and currencies, is really quite a business in itself.”- Coin Currency News

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December 01, 2016 – Bitcoin climbed by 1.05% today to 754 USD.

Christmas Raffle – Register now! #bitstarz

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There is a wide selection of live games, as well as slots to provide plenty of enjoyment. You can play for free with practice money, or use any currency you want.







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#Blockchain Gets Over 10 Million Users?

While there are plenty of Bitcoin wallets out there, one of the most popular wallets is on the Blockchain itself. Since it doesn’t require a third party to store your coins, and offers solid security, many people simply start their Bitcoin Wallet on the Blockchain. In fact, there are now over 10 Million Wallets open on the Blockchain, so it seems to be catching on as one of the best wallet providers.



Bitcoin continues to range between $737 and $750 USD near the closing days of November, 2016.


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#Bitcoin Difficulty Spikes

There has been another increase in difficulty on the Blockchain, thus reducing the mining awards, and reducing mining profits. While the profits did increase slightly with the price increase, the overall mining operations for Bitcoin are hardly profitable, and begs the question of scammers and cheats who are offering mining services with high profit potential. Here are the charts from the Blockchain to give investors some insight on how the Bitcoin Blockchain is performing.

The difficulty is increasing, thus reducing the rewards for miners.


At its current price, the market cap is above 12 Billion.

The total number of transactions is increasing, which is a good thing for miners.

As you can see the difficulty increases, and this makes it harder to mine a Bitcoin from the Block, however when the price increases, and volume of transactions increase, then mining rewards can also increase, but until there is greater adoption of the network, it seems like the mining operations will continue to be very difficult. For those looking for dividends, try investing in Alcurex shares, which offer a percentage of trade commissions from the exchange back to shareholders, or blended funds like GRU shares, which are blended mining and altcoin hedge funds to help reduce risk, rather than investing full-on in Bitcoin mines.

Zcash recently made gains, and the Grupbit holdings of ZEC are now above .02 ZEC, where the sales of the Zcash will go back to Grupbit holders.

Alcurex Exchange Adds New Coins, Updates

Alcurex exchange has made the step to becoming one of the larger, and more notable Bitcoin exchanges for those who want to trade a wide variety of coins, and may not be able to do so on other exchanges. Alcurex Exchange, being based in Finland, is one of the top exchanges for international traders who want to get in on a wide variety of high volume trades (high liquidity), and lower volume select trades (low liquidity).

As part of the new enhancements, some of the additions include USD markets, new interface, and wide variety of coin additions to make it a premier trading experience.

Register now and get full access to local and remote markets, as well as top-notch customer service and dividend stocks (Grupbit and Alcurex shares offer weekly dividends), as well as a wide variety of other coins.




Once you register you will also get access to a wealth of features such as tracking charts, tools, and a list of open orders, pending orders, and other trade tracking units to help maximize your profits. Open an account at Alcurex and begin your trading experience on this new and exciting platform.

#coincurrencynews seeks commercial investment

Good news to STATS shareholders may be coming in the next few months as Coin Currency News seeks commercial investment into the New Business. The goal will to seek financing as part of a STATS share deal to allow for greater publication options, including the creation, sale, and distribution of e-books and regular publications. The development team will spend the next few weeks looking at financing options, which could increase the STATS value before the end of the year.


Coin Currency News shares are currently traded on Alcurex.com and free for all investors to buy. It is anticipated that sales from e-books and news publications in 2017 will be given to shareholders as dividends. Recently, one e-book the Altcoins Cookbook was sold, and new dividends will be paid to STATS shareholders in December.


#Iconomi #PutinCoin gains, #Grupbit Dominates

Putin Coin recently surprised everyone with its quadruple-up price gains, and Iconomi continues to trend up. Monero also made a comeback to above $7 usd after hitting a low of $5, and BTC remains around the $700 USD price range. LTC also made slight gains, while plenty of developments are underway after the recent election in the USA. Trump Coin made some late gains prior to the election close, and TPG and TP1 also continue to have a large fanfare on exchange like Alcurex.com where you can buy a wide variety of coins, including Royal Coin, which was recently listed.




In other News, GRUPBIT (GRU) has been one of the most competitive funds, paying over 1.7 BTC in the last two months since its inception. For weekly dividends and the best ROI, consider getting some GRU before the price goes through the roof.



#darknet coin rises

Darknet is on an uptrend, and there seems to be little backward push as the coin has been working upward in price over the last few days. The coin has moved upwards in position from below the 100 tier, and is now sitting at the 96th spot, and how far will this coin go?

Check out these charts:



There has been steady volume increases since Oct. 28th when the coin began its bullish trend.

Bitcoin Continues Upward

Bitcoin continues to remain as one of the most popular coins, and recently continued its upward streak, pushing to $750 USD on some exchanges, with the median price being around $730 on the day’s trading.



Many investors see this as a signal that Bitcoin is becoming more widely integrated into financial systems across the world, and some analysts are saying the price could reach higher than $1200 USD by the end of the year.

We know the markets can be wild, and are excited to see how these prices develop into November and December, and further into 2017.

Alcurex shares also remain as one of the best bets for weekly dividends, with this week’s payout at .44 BTC.


You can buy alcurex shares here: https://alcurex.com/#ALCUREX-BTC