The BiPolar World Of BTC – Exchange Uniqueness is a good thing

Why in the world is the trial of BTC so dang exciting?  Well, for starters, there is nothing in the world more dramatic that this currency with all its ups and downs, controversy, wins and losses, and reward potential.  People everywhere are chomping at the BIT – to get some of this coin, and doing anything, and everything they can to get some as soon possible before the next big crash or liftoff takes place.  Other factors that make this an exciting time are the ways in which the coin van vary in value between exchanges — this is markedly a very interesting factor that makes BTC unique in the world of currency and commodity trading.

In all the other exchanges, when a commodity or currency changes, other exchanges will almost instantly reflect these changes, keeping the system balanced.  The difference here?  The exchanges are maintaining their uniqueness across regions.  What does this mean?  This mean BTC is going to stay.  If one exchange were to collapse, and the others were to react accordingly, then we would have a problem on our hands, but the fact that the exchanges are reacting uniquely from each other gives us confidence that BTC will eventually ride the tide and settle itself out among all the bipolar shifts that it has been going through.




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