Bitreserve Pits Bitcoin Against Gold

Nothing is more fun than watching all the various ways people and businesses around the world try and integrate Bitcoin into existing practices. Everything from the purchase and sale of goods, to service providing and bill payments can be done with Bitcoin now. While there are still some elements of risk, these are being quickly replaced with options to move in and out of the currency in a variety of ways.

In the most recent article from Tech Crunch, the discussion of Bitcoin being used a baseline currency to match the gold standard is explored. The report discusses ways that people who join Bitreserve are able to trade their Bitcoin for real gold reserves, which are available through Bitreserve and the Gold Bullion International platform.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 6.26.58 PM

Love investing? This new platform will give users the opportunity to convert their Bitcoin to gold and vice-versa making gains or losses depending on how the commodities fluctuate. Halsey Minor, the Bitcoin executive behind the Bitreserve play is sure that this move will help solidify Bitcoin into the mainstream by offering another foundation to support the alternative currency as it continues to be adopted worldwide.


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