Will You Sell If BTC Hits $900?

One of the topics hitting inboxes and surfacing on desks across the globe is the buy or sell dilemma.

The question: What are you going to do if the currency hits levels similar to those of last January, when the currency was posting highs above the $900 level?

While currently trading around $375 per coin, you can see that this is actually lower than the annual trading average, which is above the $600 level for most of the months during 2014.


What would you do if the currency hit $900, would you sell?

Or, would you try and increase your stake on a potential Bullish market?

If these types of scenarios make you excited, then you will love the 7C, or Seventh Continent, simply head over and register today. Do it sooner and save since member fees are skyrocketing on Sunday. Register now and save before the Sunday deadline when the price goes up.

Chart retrieved from BlockChain Info.

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