A Perfect Storm?

As many enthusiasts know, and what the noobs are coming to learn is that Bitcoin is a recognized form of currency, that can be traded on exchanges for USD, or for any other currency.



Have you heard that the Russian Ruble, which is a type of currency, has recently been devalued because of market conditions?  Well, according to some reporters the Ruble has basically tanked, and other currencies like the American Greenback seem to be pulling up their socks and making some baby steps up.




Well, you might wonder how all these market conditions can create a perfect storm?  First, much like the Seventh Continent, which relies on market functions such as supply and demand, Bitcoin has a limited supply.  It cannot just be printed like other money, it has to be mined using supercomputers.   This might sound a little intense, but now that the Russians have a falling currency, Bitcoin might just be a way of getting some leverage across the currency markets.  Since Americans, Chinese, and anyone in the world can buy Bitcoin, it is essentially a universal currency!   Don’t you remember all those warnings about a new global currency?   This is it, and it is time to buy some now before the price grows to great heights.


Who says?

Remember the laws of supply and demand and the principles of economics, and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Once you have a coin or two, then get in the game, and learn and earn to reach new levels of fun and financial success!


Let The Discussions Begin!

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