Bitcoin As A Stocking Stuffer?

As many shoppers scramble to get last minute items this holiday season, it seems like friends and family are telling each other to get some Bitcoin wallets, keeping in tune with the festive and noble spirit of the currency.  Traditionally been used to gift helpers and assistants by tossing a couple satoshi in a tip jar can work wonders to help those with only a little get by until their next payday, and the culture of the coin seemed to spread with these little faucets that made the internet a lot more fun to surf!

Christmas can be a tough time for folks who don’t make a lot of money, and it can also be discouraging to go and shop when there is only a limited selection to choose from.  Many people over the years have migrated to giving Pre-paid Credit Cards like Vanilla MasterCard, Cash, and even lottery ticket as gifts since they are a great way to provide another tangible item to stuff your stocking with.


However, Bitcoin can be just as fun to stuff stockings with, especially if you leave little Bitcoin addresses with a few Satoshi on there!  I recently told my friends that they will be getting Bitcoin from Santa and if they don’t hurry up and get a coin wallet, then they may miss on the opportunity to have a Bitcoin Christmas!

While nothing is ever certain, Bitcoin wallets do make great gifts, and it can be fun to send money to friends and family with Bitcoin.

For those feeling a little extra generous this holiday season, send me a Stocking Stuffer!

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