BTC Price Predictions For 2015

Alright Folks!   Christmas is just a couple days away and the New Year is just around the corner, while the spike in BTC price to $900+ in January 2014 was the highest spike of ’14, don’t kid yourself that BTC could go off the charts in ’15.   After doing some multivariate analysis, it looks like the upside of Bitcoin may be just around the corner.


Comparing apples and oranges can be a hard thing to do, but not if you consider each of them as a fruit, right?  Well, there are various ways to classify the price range on BTC over the next couple weeks, as many analysts predict that it will spike a little bit in January and February, and then start making a bullish move and running on a bull run without looking back.


But anyone’s guess is just that; a guess, so it is going to be an interesting year, and everyone is making their predictions about the price of coin, with most estimates being around $10,000, whereas I see it getting into the higher numbers, kind of like a progressive jackpot adds value as the more coin that is mined, the less available the supply that drives demand through the roof.


This could create a sense of hysteria among buyers, and some people may experience “buyer frenzy” – a term I reserve for gambling addicts who are fanatical about hoarding things.  When the common populace realizes that the supply is limited, and just how limited, approximately one coin for every 350 people (based on a 7BLN Population and 20MLN Coin Frequency Count), and that the value of the coin has a lot of upward potential because of its worldwide acceptance and application in the digital environment, especially relating to the currency of information, and how information is shared and processed.


This is quite intense, and is very sophisticated, so make sure you consider Bitcoin as an option for exploring a new path to diversifying your portfolio as the revolutionary potential only keeps on looking better given the state of devaluation that is currently happening across the CURRENCY AND COMMODITY PLATFORMS.  Bitcoin has a stabilizing potential, that could be used as a benchmark against fledgling currencies and market volatility.


Other folks are hammering down some funds on the Binary Markets, which also work with COMMODITIES AND CURRENCIES, and other forms of trading and bartering, and there are various styles of betting that can make this form of betting also quite addictive, profitable, or you can just as easily lose your shorts.  So do some research!!!!


The “price of oil” is a fine variable to consider in a trading equation.  First, you decide what the market is going to do, rise or fall, and then you place a bet.  So there is a benchmark price, like $40 a barrel, then people can either bet that it will go up or down within a small or long time window.  If you choose correctly, you win a portion of you ante, as well as your ante, and can win or lose money quite quickly.


Bitcoin or Binary?  For long-term value, I pull the Bitcoin Card any day of the week since it is a primary commodity that is linked to the processing power of machines, which our society has become heavily dependent on for communication and social and administrative functions.  Having a means to translate the currency of information is how I see Bitcoin, thus making it an intergalactic, inter-mechanical, multimodal form of currency that has disruptive and transformational potential.

Or, people can continually be haunted of the events in 2013 where they almost missed the boat.




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