Are You Ready To Rock?

Couldn’t help but notice this great tune from Neil Young, and think it offers a good perspective on 2015, but am really hoping the tune at the end of this article is more apt.



When you are jamming to Southern Man, take a moment to consider some of the current prices and volume charts on Bitcoin.xcvxcv dfgdfgdfgdf


While the markets had an overall negative day, 2014 was a positive year for most of the indices, albeit the current wave of events are setting 2015 up for more dynamic possibilities for risk and reward as some of the current systems are stretched.




But as any speculator knows, the challenge to find fortune can be as simple as calling heads or tails in a coin toss, and given that the probability of landing on a heads, or a tails, is 50%, but this is just a simple calculation, also known as a binary option.  A binary option is any decision that can be one of two possible outcomes.  For example, you could wonder if the price of Bitcoin will go up or down next year, if now is a good time to buy, or hold, or what to do as you search for fortune?


Finding fortune is a challenge that many folks these days pursue, and sometimes the path can be enjoyable (if found), or distasteful (if one doesn’t feel good about their current direction), and can be made even worse for those who incur market losses.  As an avid trader on the markets, I can say that buyers remorse is nothing compared to an “opportunity lost” or making a purchase only to see it fall and bottom out.  Want to hear a short story about overcoming loss?  Well, a few years ago I spent over $900 on a penny stock that I was sure was a game-changer in the diabetes market because of its ability to provide blood tests and blood sugar levels to those with diabetes, in an unobtrusive manner.  So I spent all my savings that I had allocated for investing and watched my saving tumble off a cliff into a pit of loss.


Did I lose faith?   Heck no!!!!

Anyone who lacks the balls to go into a trade should not be there in the first place!!  As a good investor, I don’t look at how much you win or lose, but how long you play.  I think those that play the markets will realize that it is fun, addictive, and nerve-racking, but can offer a certain element of risk and reward that others venues simply do not provide.  So anyway, I am in it for the long haul and proud to say that next year will mark my 20th year designing and writing on webpages, and love that the internet has stayed on instead of just being another fad.  When I think about Bitcoin, I get that nervous excitement that I got when I first started surfing the internet.  Do I plan on getting rich investing in Bitcoin?  Well, I hope so, but I also like to go with my gut and play the field, so if you are like me, which you most likely are, then you should get some Bitcoin!!!

Xbox is now accepting Bitcoin as part of their Gift Cards and Payment solutions so that’s awesome!!   Anyone want to send me a New Year’s Card?






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