High Market Volume Alert

Bitcoin is starting to grow its legs and making some baby steps as the New Year continues to roll along.  Today marks one of the higher volume days across the exchanges, with over 169,000 coins trading across the board.  From my personal calculations, this approximately three times greater than the moving average and may be a signal of a bull run if the pace continues.



Bitfinex and Bitstamp are the most active exchanges with over 100,000 coins being moved in the last 24 hours, worth just over $25 Million USD.  The volume is a good indication of growth potential and interest, and may be a good time for people to get their foot in the door while the price is below the annual and monthly average prices, and from the last few hours, this low price may soon be history, as a mini-rally seems to be developing.

In other news, many folks have noticed a decrease in the their mining dividends as the number of miners have increased, signalling a slowdown on payouts from the “gold rush” of Bitcoin mining, and in some cases, people are scrambling to sell-off their miners to newcomers who are eager to get a taste for the excitement of mining.

For those that have some coin, try out the Bitcoin Denominated Exchange at 7C and get in the game!

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