What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a commodity that is used between people to barter, trade, pay bills, buy things, and exchange for other goods on commodity exchanges. Many countries view it in their own light, based on the demands of the market. This has always been one of the key features of this “global phenomenon”, since it is the first digital commodity that trades against real commodities.

Do you see how this actually brings information onto the exchange as a commodity?

People have been buzzing about the knowledge economy, information currency, and digital economy for years. The interesting metric I want to point you to is the way various areas of the world adapt and integrate. In this economy, the builders and designers are truly all across the world connected via the internet!

This is actually probably the first time that the “world population” has had such a high connectivity rate. So this makes for a larger market, and with the IPO of Alibaba, and other large platforms like Ebay in the US, and literally millions of other internet stores, Bitcoin began to thrive as a commodity that could be used as a means of online shopping and as a commodity for trading.

One of the benefits of using it as a commodity to exchange for money is that you can buy some for yourself and use it as you please, since it is treated as an after-tax purchase made with your own money. This has leverage potential because where your small amount of money might not have been worth very much on a lateral perspective, as it could not have stretched across multiple platforms, exchanges, and stores, the Bitcoin can. So people starting getting interested in the leverage it offered to move across resource exchanges and commodity trading platforms.

This adds a lot of extra-lateral momentum for people who use devices — like the smartphones we pretty much all use regularly, as well as laptops, or Ipads, or whatever. The coin is stored in digital wallets and is now being accepted as a means to pay for goods on the internet. So rather than trading your cash for something in an online store, you buy bitcoin, and use it instead. For those that need to leave the house, you can buy bitcoin online or transfer it to your bank on an exchange so you can withdraw cash.

This creates a good after-tax investment strategy, because of its commodity-like nature. When stores start accepting coin in person, at store-fronts, this may have an impact on whether it goes from being classed as a commodity, or a currency. The other issue is that this is global, so it has the power to correct the value of currencies. Since the who world can buy it, and there is a limited supply, which is achieved through mining, the creators must have deliberately started its pricing with 8 decimals places for a reason.



The currently obvious low price of BTC is between $250-$450 on the month, give or take, and can be purchased in over 30 currencies worldwide. It seems like the strength of the Greenback continues to drive an upward trend as the US positions itself onto the palette of buyers with its interest in the use as a commodity to quantify the cost of information, based on its difficulty and processing power required.

So let’s say I wanted to buy a strategy plan for how to achieve good profit on my Tobacco Plantation. Should I plant Tobacco in every field, or should I cross-pollinate with other plants and animals to create an ecosystem? In this case-study, there are plenty of optimal scenarios, but let’s say the computer has ran some game theory on the models and has developed an optimal solution.

To buy that solution, you would have to quantify its degree of complexity to create, solve, etc., through the processing power. At this point, I am not sure what type of calculations these MINERS are trying to solve, but they must be complex! Anyhow, the best approach to getting your start in Bitcoin is to get a wallet through your phone or xbox so you can subscribe to services using Bitcoin instead of having to do more complex payment issues, which could have revolutionary correcting potential across the global exchanges and markets during this “transitional converging” phase.

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