Movers And Shakers

Over the last year I have made some observations about the Bitcoin industry and would like to share some of my findings.  Coindesk, seems to have grown to become the most dominant news source for Bitcoin related news, at least from what comes up on my Google searches, however, their coverage has really increased across the industry and they are doing a fine job covering all the stories, and seem to have really become an authority on the subject!

Their community outreach is also pretty good since you can login and comment and share your throughts and ideas, however, they are still a long way from the Reddit and Simple Machine Forums, which cater to users in a more chat-based fashion.


The Seventh Continent Bitcoin Exchange continues to be one of the most exciting places to start and grow a Bitcoin business.  Their membership has grown, and new “citizens” are being sponsored and new businesses are growing their production.  Even with the new price to join and start your own business (1 BTC) the referrals and potential to grow your supply of commodities is literally limitless.


Another big part of the Bitcoin movement comes from the Blockchain, which is where all the information on the transactions that occur are covered.  The Blockchain site offers a ton of information and a wealth of knowledge on the history of the volume, transactions, network difficult, hashrate growth, difficulty, and a wide variety of charts and metrics for those who want to get more involved in understanding the metrics of the Blockchain and the current situation on the difficulty and number of coins in circulation, etc.


While we continue to watch how the wonder of Bitcoin integrate with the world economy, financial sectors, and more, why don’t you head on over to the Seventh Continent and start a Bitcoin business for 1 BTC and see how much you can produce in 2015!   If you really want to be gung-ho, consider applying as a sales rep and get .33BTC per referrral.


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