Coin Currencies Are Evolving

The Crypto Coin currencies have been reacting differently to some of the predictive models from which deflationary economics are based on.  For instance, even though Bitcoin has the highest market cap of around 4 Billion as of yesterday, the supply is limited to only 20 million coins, which are not nearly enough for a global currency.

Analysts have been expecting the coin to compensate by having a higher growth margin because unlike real money that can just be printed, the coins have to be mined from a complex block.  The block is REALLY DIFFICULT!



So it looks like the quick pace of harvesting the Lion’s Share is over, and the increasing Hash Rate is going to going to have to ramp up its efforts if it wants to beat the problems that are on those blocks.  While the difficulty is the highest of any Crypto Coin to Date, from all known history, no-one really knows how the 40 Billion difficulty Level is going to transform into Mining Profits, Crypto Prices, and other trading options, but it will definitely stretch out the timeline for Bitcoin’s harvesting while the mining pace slows in this area.


We are also witnessing an explosion of new coins that can be traded for Bitcoin, which is another reason why it hasn’t spread its wings and flown away.  With a slough of growing Altcoins, such as Ripple Coin, Stellar Coin, Doge Coin, and other Altcoins, which rely on Bitcoin as the Standard Metric for Conversion, are priced across a variety of platforms and exchanges to give people a good time to trade their coins, and create new barter and pricing trades as they see fit.


So I could trade 1000 of my DogeCoin for 500 Ripple Coin, and then trade those in for .00003456 Bitcoin, or 3456 Satoshi (the metric for the number right of the decimal).   Those numbers are just for example, and not based on current market prices, which can be quite difficult to pin down as more and more metrics across the Altcoin platform are introduced.  Being an avid researcher in the industry I have seen it grow from a couple solid Crypto coins being traded, to over 400 different types of coin on some exchanges, which is probably the biggest upset to the investors who saw Bitcoin try and fly away in February of 2014, and late 2013 when it broke the 1K USD level for the first time.


From studying the aftereffects of buying and selling, one can say that Rise of Bitcoin was “held back” by these new fledgling coins, but offered an opportunity to diversify the market before Bitcoin could price itself into an elite class.  Now with such an amazing opportunity emerging for people all over the world to get involved, it is really just a matter of time before Bitcoin decides to say enough is enough and spread its wings again, and see how many of these Altcoins it can bring up along with it.


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