Lots Of Currencies Coming On Deck

The Exchange is flooding with Coins!   While many are celebrating, others are simply having a hey dey trading coins up and down.  It really is quite exciting to see all these coins getting traded, and makes one wonder what the method behind the madness is?


Do these Altcoins actually represent any physical value?  Do they have any utilitarian value?  Like, does Potcoin only buy Pot?

Wait a second, that is exactly what some of these coins are catering to!  Check out Pot Coin!



So what is the deal with all these Altcoins?   From the calculations I have been doing, and from how the price has been reacting, a pattern of heavy dilution is coming across the board, and people everywhere are scrambling to see what the deal is and how to react.


As Bitcoin bleeds out its powers into the fledglings, the market is becoming a smorgasbord of activity as trillions of coins get washed into Bitcoins currency, slowly deflating it.  All of its deflationary characteristics are suddenly removed, and the market is capable of altering each of the other coins through complex trading operations.  Some IO source software behind the exchanges like those from Crypto Capital, also offer a Debit Card for people who struggle to obtain credit from traditional lending institutions.


But that does not solve the problem of dilution, nor does it provide any guidance on how these bond-buying schemes will play out, which makes it much more attractive for Traders who enjoy fiddling with coins and having a good time, but you may just want to take that playbook and through it out the window because Bitcoin keeps on surprising!  So don’t get attached, but remember to keep that Ace in hole, because one would think that the difficulty factor will weigh in sometime, but it is tough to say what is going to happen as the currencies continue to immerse themselves across the globe.





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