Good Time To Buy

Today is a buyer’s market for Bitcoin as it is at one of it’s lowest levels, with a most recent drop of over 20% overnight, and it’s partner lightcoin also dropped over 25%.  This has a lot of ramifications across the market, especially in the mining and service sectors where the dividends and rewards for mining are not as profitable when the prices are lower, which could cause some of the smaller BTC mining operations to be suspended, as some sites such as ghstrade announced a couple days ago.


For the Seventh Continent, this is a great opportunity for new members to get some coin and get enrolled in the game!  Instead of the $375 that the price was around Dec.21st, it is not closer to $170 at market prices, making things very attractive for those who are looking to make their entry point.  For those already balls deep in the market, the best thing to do would be to grab your surfboard and ride the wave.


Let The Discussions Begin!

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