Spot Gold Makes A Run For It / BTC VOL UP

Spot Gold made some analysts blink twice when Spot Gold turned up its heels and made a run for $1300 USD on the OZ.  However, it fell short of the $1300 mark by a handsome $40, hovering around the $1260s.  It was still an impressive day for Spot Gold, which climbed over $30 during intra-day market prices from New York:



Is gold going to make a run for the $2000s like it did in the last post-collapse run in 2009?  It is anyone’s guess, and many analysts are simply chalking it up to seasonality as some countries try to increase their reserves following a bustling gold shopping season over the holidays.  Others who are involved in the Hedge Fund and currency markets may attribute the rise to the recent decision by the Swiss to stop their currency-restraint policies, which have caused it to absorb external funding in its restrictive state.  Freeing itself from some of the restraints at the policy level may have an impact on the rise of gold as other currencies try to stabilize the gap that the Swiss Franc may impose.


BITCOIN continues its HIGHER THAN AVERAGE TRADING VOLUME — up over 400% compared to previous weeks’ average daily trading of around 50,000 coins.  The last couple days, over 400,000 Bitcoins have been traded on the markets, signalling a larger trading volume for the currency as it continues to establish itself as the dominant coin.  The total USD volume for the day is over $58 Million Dollars, making the coin a popular choice for those who enjoy coin trading.



Other indicators and notes from the recent increase in trading volume prove that their is little to no stagnant stock, as almost the whole market is bought up, with over 95% volume being reached, as well as proving the platform has a good foundation to move forward and is capable of handing the increased activity.



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