2015: An Exciting Time To Be Alive

For many people, January is often a month filled with struggle, as the realization of New Year’s resolutions fail, and finances seem to be suddenly whisked out the window into thin air, but for those with some resilience, the deferred gratification of hunkering down can be rewarding, especially given the opportunities that 2015 presents.  2015 is truly a wonderful time to be alive, and across the many facets of history, none can compare to the amazing pursuits of science, economics, and art that is emerging today.

Not Happy With The Price Of Bitcoin?

Just think, only a few years ago Bitcoin did not exist, at least from our contemporary point of view, so it will pay to kick back and relax while the rest of the world catches up if you have some coins in your purse.  If you have invested in Bitcoin, think of yourself as a forward thinker, one who is ahead of the trends, and understand that patience is a virtue that will pay off if you wait long enough.


Are You A Go-Getter?

If you are a go-getter, then the Bitcoin world is emerging with plenty of opportunity.  We are seeing this across many industries, like the solar and wind power generation sectors, as people engage more futuristic and environmentally friendly power-generation technologies.  Other Go-Getters are getting their fingers wet with excitement playing the 7C Marketplace earning bitcoin that way.  Other forward-moving concepts in 2015 include self-driving cars, and intergalactic interaction and space travel!  Woo, the future is here.


Cell Phones Vs. Bitcoin

Remember what it was like having to go to a store, a neighbor’s, or a payphone to make a phone call back in the day?  Well, the cell phone is a perfect example of how the transformational power of consumerism and advanced technology can be adopted.  Will Bitcoin be adopted as widely as the cell-phone?   Since the two technologies are inexplicably linked, it is anyone’s best guess, but the transition seems as natural as two peas in a pod.


With The Good Comes The Bad

While many are trying to wrap their head around the multiplicity of 2015, especially with regards to the collapse of the Oil and Gas Industry (which has caused a global phenomenon that has yet to be realized) the real variability is just starting to get underway as today the ECB announced its contentious 1.3 Trillion Money Printing campaign to help boost the EURO.  Some of the German Chancellor’s concerns were over the problem that stronger countries like Germany would have against weaker countries like Turkey, who are not as developed as their neighbor’s.  Some critics suggest that the weaker zones will have a better chance to catchup with some of the bigger players like Germany.


Spinoff Effects

It is unreal how fast the USD is climbing!  So if you have some BTC, just wait around and even though it is not climbing as fast as you like, consider that the value of the USD, which is the benchmark currency for many traders, is also on the rise, and if the EURO continues to fall, then the conversion potential could be quite large.  In the short-term, the best bet is to get some coins and play the Seventh Continent and have some fun while the currencies continue to fluctuate wildly, then when the time comes, reassess the situation across the board, and give yourself a pat on the back for riding out one of the most exciting times in history!


Gold Breaks $1300

Gold speculators are happy to see the yellow metal back up to $1300, and some analysts foresee that the ECB’s move may push the precious metal into a bullish trend, and all the precious metals seem to be moving up as they are viewed as potential safe havens among the turbulent economic times.



Let The Discussions Begin!

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