Cloud Subscriptions That Cost Money

It is becoming even more evident that the cost of data services across platforms can be costly, especially as businesses can get increasingly complex.  Since many of these platforms have to work across a range of protocol, that means that when all the fridges, washing machines, TVs, and other electronics come online, that people who don’t want to get caught up in all the air traffic will have to rely on cloud services to keep their communication channel open and fast.


BOX – who debuted with a $175 Million IPO on the NYSE, pegged almost double it’s baseline price of $12, reaching a $23.23 close.  The numbers may be aligning for BOX, but they are not alone in the cloud.  With enterprise software companies popping up quickly across the globe, BOX uses their exclusivity to work with some of the top brands in the industry.  However, going above and beyond BOX, and is likely an even bigger issue at hand, is the general concept of subscription services in general.  Subscription services are an increasingly prevalent form of commerce as more and more people and businesses get connected to the cloud.  eWeek reports:




While every venture requires risk – – like the $250USD I just dropped on a Cloud Contract!  I just paid .57 BTC for the BUSINESS CLOUD CONTRACT — so I hope it works!!  IT is supposed to be mining ETHER coin!!!

Screen shot 2015-12-22 at 12.59.17 AM

Do these even exist?   Let’s hope so, or some of my hard-earned Christmas Money just went down the drain, so please send a tip now!


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