Larger Companies Scrunch In A Bit

Nothing major going on in the markets today, with all the indicators seemingly awry, it has become more common to have the metrics completely awry than any other short trend, so here are some snapshots to help you compare whats going on in the commodities, currencies, and markets:


Some of the hardest hit have been the Euro and the Canadian Dollar, as well as the Aussie Dollar dropping a dime against the Greenback. As terrible as it is to say, the Ruble has been downgraded by S&P to junk status, and people are comparing the the Greenback and the Ruble to the relationship that Dogecoin and Litecoin have. What a joke!



Gold has been one of the most stable commodoties on the lot coming in at pretty much the same range that it had last year, and hasn’t really done anything spectacular since 2008 when the floor fell out of the US Markets, but they seem to have oiled the tide well, and are now making gains where possible. That said, some of their bigger international players like P&G and others who had products in some of the weaker countries suffered from the currency devaluation.



The Price of Crude is one of the biggest shocks reverberating across the surface of the globe and oil-income-dependent countries such as Canada, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and many other countries around the world scramble to address HUGE PITFALLS — the results are often to staggering to realize on first take, and the ripple effect of slowdown often has a larger fallout effect than the initial crunch in itself. On the upside, the revolution for clean and green energy seems to be getting its foot in the door as enthusiasts vye for their long-awaited opportunity to be more earth-friendly, against what seemed like decades of industrial ignorance, the market changes are working to force a new form of green consumerism. Whether the integration is a perfect storm, or if this can be chalked-up to excellent planning on the fly-by, is up to anyone’s best guess.

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