Coinbase Extends Role With US Exchange

The famous bitcoin wallet provider Coinbase has made another successful launch with their new U.S. Regulated Bitcoin exchange. Not only will this make it easier for American Banks and investors to get involved with the purchasing and selling of the commodity, it will also help everyday people get registered for doing trading. This comes with great support from the upper-tier management who know that having a central wallet option tied to a buying platform can create a platform for success.

Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 9.55.58 PM

By engineering the buying, spending, and saving of bitcoin in a central place like Coinbase, customers can have more freedom to take advantage of the exchange benefits to trading enjoyment that Bitcoin has. Many traders enjoy speculating with the coin, and having to move their coins from one wallet or platform to another can be time-consuming, and carry extra commissions. To give customers a more-enhanced service profile, the new exchange will compliment the existing wallet and vault services.

While many other exchanges on the web like Kraken and Bitstamp and other places offer exchanges, the Coinbase exchange will give exclusive access to users who chose them for their wallet services. A move of this nature is transformational because it provides normal people who have a wallet the opportunity to buy or sell directly on the exchange. While this is not the first time anyone or any company has done this, it is a first for Coinbase, and because of the sheer volume of their customer base, it could be just big enough to have an impact on the markets.

According to some estimates, Coinbase may be one of the companies that goes big time, having netted 70 million in startup funding and a valuation at $400 Million, there is going to be more internal stakeholder on major companies to start accepting bitcoin. With this unprecedented move, the American Corporate sphere has signalled its acceptance of Bitcoin, and given the approvals in the majority of States, it has become nationally accepted as a commodity that can trade with currencies, something that has been going on for almost 3 years already, so it can only be that the trending of the coin will gain steam in the months ahead, possibly driving demand and pricing scenarios of economic proportions.

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