Moving Averages Spot Checks

Here are some excellent resource charts for the Month of January. This most recent chart shows the spike on the 26th when the price moved over $50 per coin, as well as shows the moving average trend lines.


Some analysts attribute the spike on the 26th to the new Coinbase Bitcoin Exchange that provides direct purchasing to their wallet holders, which could increase market participation.

Other charts of interest are the hash rate fluctuations as seen here:


The difference in Hash Rates has kept the Bitcoin Mining community on the edge of their seats as payouts have been fluctuating up and down according to the Hash Rate Levels. Transaction payouts have ranged between 11 and 43 BTC per day, but have mostly been around the 11BTC range.

Once again, here is another chart displaying the large volume spike last month that could be a signal for a decoupling, shown on 9-month time chart:


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