Find A Buyer Or Be A Producer???

In today’s hustle and bustle it is important to find the time to make a list, and this is even true for the Seventh Continent. In fact, many people have been finding buyers for their items, and to help make their production goals easier, they are using order lists, or shopping lists.

These lists can be complex or very straightforward. As a company owner and producer, you probably know what items you produce, and what items are required. If you know anyone who produces items that you require, then you can make deals with them to get your required goods at a more stable price under an agreement. This could be layered across many companies, but I have yet to see or hear of anyone doing it.

In the meantime, I am still trying to get to Level 2, and about 40% completed. You can see that I have only produced 120 items, but I need to produce 250 to get there, so only 130 to go:


While I have produced 120 items, I have only sold about 10% of my stock, so I have quite a large inventory of:

*Court of Claims
*Commercial Court
*Criminal Court
*High Court
*Court of Appeal


Because putting my items on the market day after day can be tedious, I can use the Robot Trader to put my items on the market for me. I can also put a new message in the Google+ communities for other members to choose me as their provider for any of my items. Setting up links to the supply chain would be a great strategy for anyone who can work deals. For instance to produce my items, I am required to provide the following, which I need to buy on the market:


From a business perspective, I would be looking to find partners who produce any of those items, since I am always trying to find good deals on the exchange. To get all the items I need, it would take approximately 5 partners, or one partner who has 5 companies, since each requirement is produced by a specific Company Type. For example, a Political Party produces Democracy, so I would be interested in finding a producer for the goods I require. Does that make sense? Does anyone see how finding a producer for your required items could be beneficial to both parties?

As the producer, you can better guide your production, as well as have a more stable income. As the buyer, you can provide your producer with a shopping list for items at a set price, which makes for better budget balancing.

Does anyone produce any of these items? If so, let me know and I will provide you some List Orders.


Post your own order lists in the Google Community and see if you can find a buyer or be a producer.

Let The Discussions Begin!

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