Try Out This New Search Engine

Bored of doing a regular internet search? Try a new style with the Wolfram Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine. Learn things you never knew before. Take a chance and see EXAMPLES or get the RANDOM result. On light Fridays, Wolfram Alpha can offer a nice browsing and learning experience, as well as come through when you are searching for a code or calculation. wolframalpha Beyond being smart, it is also quite well-developed with a nice graphical interface for those who are keen with their mouse pointers. Below the regular search box is a range of icons that are cleverly blended into the wallpaper of the site, which you can click on to learn more…. was data Other features of the site include some special options such as Data Input, and more! Here are some screenshots of the options, but keep in mind, you can personalize your page as soon as you land there, so if you enjoy, then you can design it to make it even more enjoyable.

Let The Discussions Begin!

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