Coinworker – A Noob’s Way To Coin Up

For those looking to get their first taste of coin, there is now another option to getting your wallet stuffed, and from first glimpse, it seems like it might be possible without any technical mining equipment of sophisticated gadgetry.

Take a look at


The idea behind the mining operation is to use your browser to mine coins by completing simple tasks. While I haven;t tried the browser-mining interface yet, this does seem like it may be fun for those looking to “Quest For Coins” — here are a sample of some of the people listed as “workers” on the Coinworker site:


It appears that users will have to get 180 points before they can collect on their coin, so be careful to see how much time commitment the puzzles involve, and how it works before getting too excited. Once you have earned some coin, join the big players in the Seventh Continent and see if you can turn your scratch into some big dough!


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