Top 5 Market Caps – Small Charts

Can anyone spot the chart that has the best trend? Does it matter that they are all showing gains? Is buying into Altcoins while they are new and fresh a good idea? Will Darkcoin succumb to deflationary principles and hit 1500?


It sure is interesting to look at the small charts on the right hand side of the diagram to see the recent activity. The Spike in Bitcoin, the top-market-cap holder in the market jumped dollars overnight, and other currencies such as Darkcoin have made more stealthy moves to grow their cap.

Is Bitcoin going to try and make a run for it?

OR, will Darkcoin, with its ultra-tight and low supply of only approx. 5.2 Million Coins, fall victim to deflationary principles and drive the train home?

While all the coins are showing Green — positive growth — coin traders and exchange analysts are actively circulating in and out of the various coin supplies to get any sort of conversion and profit where possible! With over 500 currencies to trade from, junior traders can lose their shorts pretty fast, so it is best to do some research on a particular Altcoin before investing in it.

As we mentioned before, you can buy Altcoins with your Bitcoin, or U.S. Dollars, or your local currency, so this is all legit. First, buy some Bitcoin just for the sake of buying it.

Then relax, knowing you have completed a milestone. You can buy Bitcoin from the Seventh Continent or If you want to try and make some money on your initial investment, then you are in for a wild and exciting opportunity to try a wide variety of trades.

Once you buy some coin, you open yourself up to:

*Playing Money Games
*All The Traditional Casino Games
*Bitcoin – Altcoin Trading Plays
*Conversion Trades
*Online Shopping
*Online Banking

* The Seventh Continent
*Online Bill Payment
*International Money Exchange

So Bitcoin can really open up doors for people who have money problems. Buy some coin, and find a game that you enjoy playing and earn profit. It is as simple as that. But remember, it is important to have fun while playing and to play within your limit!!

bito  — Casino Bitcoin — Putting Your Best Bets First!


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