42 Coin Review

After reviewing many of the various altcoins from coinmarketcap.com, where there are over 500 currencies and charts listed, I was able to find one that stood out from the others because of its low supply. Unlike other coins like Bitcoin, Unobtanium, and Apexcoin, 42 Coin was the first coin I found that was named after a number, and also has some other interesting characteristics making it note-worthy. So let’s take a look at 42 Coin.


Next, not only was it named after a number, the total supply was less than one! This type of numbering system, or reverse-decimal as I like to call it, is when the numbers go on the right side of the decimal place as you can see in the Available Supply in the screenshot from CMC:


Curios to learn more about this oddly minted coin, I went onto a trading exchange and looked at how it was priced, since the market cap was hovering around 5 Bitcoin, the Sell Lots were sold in quantities resemblant of the Satoshi system, so I found this to be particular interesting.

When buying 42 coin, the metrics are a little different, when you have a Buy or Sell Order on the Exchanges you have to enter the price you are Buying at, and in the case of 42, the price is higher than BTC, so you have to enter values like:

* 5.4BTC for 0.00000100 = .00005400 BTC — Thus making 42 Coin more valuable than Bitcoin, which is also another first that I have seen on the exchanges. This reverse polarity metric sends some mixed signals to the algorithms that calculate the pricing metrics because of its anomalie-like nature with its variants.

However, given that the available supply is less than one, there are no problems truncating it down with the handy decimal place, thus actually offering over 9 million selling points if you reverse the decimal order against the Bitcoin Metric. (9,178,677)

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