Now Selling CashCoin (CASH)

After poring through over 500 currencies, another one has come to light as having an interesting metric. This is CASHCOIN (CASH) – which also puts it as one of the best “branded” coins to date.


Having the Cash Hashtag is more than just a sign of its strong potential, and probably even more importantly is its total available supply of just over 4.5 million. Priced to buy at 750 Satoshi, or .00000750, there is a good buying opportunity to stake a large portion of this Mineable Currency, at an affordable price.


Other Altcoins like VIA, VRC, and VRT, all with supplies around 12 million have been trading around 2000 to 9000 Satoshi, so an honest buyer would want to consider the best bang for your buck given the Supply:Price Ratio.

The Supply to Price ratio considers the total market cap divided by the total supply, which is the current price. When you take all the current prices and line them up side by side, Cash-Coin is one of the best priced!


Another key feature that may make Cash more attractive besides its nice name is its flexibility of being accepted, making it open to work with, as well as to stake large claims early on at an attractive price. Interested in making a bet? The Cash Game may just be the one you were looking for.

Buy it today at


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