Using Faucets To Increase Your Holdings

Are you looking to increase your coin in an easy and somewhat fun way? If so, then you may want to try some of the many faucet sites found around the internet. While these faucets can be full of advertisements, if you can find the areas where you are supposed to fill out, then you can start collecting some coin.


MY first faucet experience comes from where I received over 5000 Satoshi for signing up with — a wallet service that receives the Satoshi from Moonbit. While its not a ton of cash, younger students and youth may be able to start collecting and culling coins and have quite a stash someday, as these pennies on the dollar could add up nicely if the right amount of time is put in.

I was a little uncomfortable registering my Bitcoin wallet since I had to give access to my Facebook and Twitter, but that also helps you get referral coin from your friends, so it pays to get in ahead of your friends. Just enter your email address in the box and follow the instructions to start getting your FREE BITCOIN NOW!



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