London Ups The Ante

Nothing gets Bitcoin more mainstream than a couple guys from London who start their own exchange, especially when they have a good idea of how financial markets run. Joon Reports from Coindesk:

“A new bitcoin derivatives trading platform called Crypto Facilities has launched in London, backed by a pair of co-founders with longtime experience in the City’s traditional financial markets.

Crypto Facilities currently lets customers trade just one instrument, a forward contract on the bitcoin price. It currently offers the contract with three expiry dates. A trader can lock in the price of a bitcoin by selling or shorting a forward.”


By offering a range of derivative options in the form of trades, the new platform offers an honest way to play stakes in a hobby and gaming environment, that follows up on other thrilling sensations such as binary trading or playing cards with a loved one. People can place their bets using Bitcoin, or look at other metrics of volume of supply across international regional indexes like BitMex or TeraExchange – which is geared to support Financial Institutions to the new global currency called Bitcoin.

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