Bitcoin Prices Spurs Faucet Games!

As Bitcoin continues to set new world records in adoption, causing hysteria and panic on many sites such as 4Chan and the chat streams across the internet, a common trend is emerging: the emergence of Bitcoin Faucets being more popular. Whether you are a big player, or just enjoy solving puzzles for small sums of bitcoin, or Satoshi, which are individual units of bitcoin in the 8 decimal train which composes the bitcoin. For example 1 BTC is 10 Million Satoshi, and you can win up to 1000-10,000 Satoshi per hour on these little games by solving Funcaptcha puzzles. If you enjoy solving these solutions, then you can

10,000,000 Satoshi is one Bitcoin, so you can get plenty of puzzles solved while you work your way up to getting your first Bitcoin!

Many of these games are easy to solve, and allow you play every hour on the hour.

btc faucet - Google Search 2015-11-04 21-02-59

btc faucet - Google Search 2015-11-04 21-01-12

Let The Discussions Begin!

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