Late Season Bear Run?

Hey everyone!


Here are the December current YTD BTC STATS based on the Current Market Price (CMP)

CMP:  462.53

Price a month ago: 315.49

Increase of $147.04 in the last 30 days, or an increase of 32%

This bounceback in pricing i seems to be signalled from some market pressures across the oil and gold sectors as various merchants around the world started engineering components into the bitcoin Ecosystem.  This spinoff trend has been seem consistently through the technology industry, and is a signal that this “building on” or “adding to” model of architecture and development into the ecosystem, along with investments from a worldwide ecosystem, the question is not how much the BTC will climb, but when?


The most recent climb of 32% over the last month, is higher than the year over year price at January 215, which only one year ago sat at around 315 (see chart for details)

Screen shot 2015-12-19 at 6.40.12 PM

Some other interesting considerations here to note at the large bolume buys around the latter portion of 2015, where volume increased substantially, indicating that the ecosystem had taken hold.

Plenty of markets trade the coin, as well as the Altcoins.  Simply click on the image and start exploring the markets, and check back for more stats and metrics in the coming weeks as we get closer to 2016

Screen shot 2015-12-19 at 6.43.52 PM



Executive Summary

The trading over the year has shown that Bitcoin is capable of handling the development of current and future nodes, and that there is a market for trading the information valued on these networks via the digital coins.  The impact of these systems is still being monitored since they do have some large-scale implications for the commodities and fiat currencies, so make sure to hit the follow button and get the updates!





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