CEX.io GHS/BTC still level?

Rumor had it that GHS cloud mining operations over at CEX.io would have started issuing dividends to shareholders since the climb in the BTC prices over the last month.  The bitcoin and altcoin trading exchange is one of many platforms offering shares in cloud mining contracts, but has been on a hold since operations became costly due to maintenance.  With the rise in coin, many investors are hoping that the maintanence fees of the miners will be surpassed by the mining rewards and dividends for mining.  Many analysts pegged a mythical figure of $350 to be the magical number at which payouts would start, but there has yet to be any traction from the exchange to put the payouts in motion.


Other possible indicators are the recent weeding of Altcoins from the Hash Pool as well as the Exchange!  Is CEX.io consolidating?   What do you guys think, do you think that the pool has been trimmed to the more widespread coins that the GHS price will climb?


Screen shot 2015-12-20 at 1.56.59 PMhttp://cex.io


The line has remained around the .0002 per units for the GHS, which could see a spike in value if they were to start becoming profitable based on the higher rate of coin pricing.


Screen shot 2015-12-20 at 4.44.00 PM


CEX.io users will also want to login to their accounts and whittle off their smaller coins since CEX.io has recently reduced its mining pool to BTC, and removed many of the altcoins!



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