Hey Everyone!  How’s the seasonal bitcoin and altcoin trading going?


Has everyone bought their Christmas Coin?


To help throw some shining stars on the up and comers for 2016, the Editors will be doing a Top Picks for 2016 to help new investors get some advice from the STATS


1:  BUY OBITS AS A VALUE-ADD Strategy:   The editors have decided to go with a Value-Add strategy of chose OBITS as the best Altcoin to provide this service for two reasons:

1. > A percentage of profits from the BITSHARES exchange goes to the BUY / BURN of OBITS.  In this sense, the total supply of Obits will decrease over time, thus increasing the value per unit.

Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 7.47.14 PM

2.>  A percentage of profits from the OPENLEDGER (AN EXCHANGE PLATFORM THAT PAYS TO PLAY) is fed back into Obits using the BUY and BURN strategy.


3. >  And of course, it wouldnt be fun if you couldn’t make money from referrals, but the first two reasons are the most important.  Click her for a referral code.

<h2>BUY OBITS NOW AT CCEDK – THE DANISH EXCHANGE </h2>  Help close the gap and start supporting the OBITS Buyback campaign!



OBITS: Special NEWS coming up soon, you are the 1st to know

1)      Instead of 40% of openledger-reg generated fees, we are now able to add the entire profit generated from this account meaning 80% as 20% if used for network. All profits generated from mentioned account from launch Oct. 13th is therefore incl. in buyback.
2)      Starting from December 1st 2015 all profits generated from the start-up crypto casino http://www.fun-casino.com from December 1st 2015 will be included in buyback.
3)      http://www.sharebits.io fees will be added to the list of profits in the month of December with a minimum of 35%, and perhaps more importantly the 60K sharebits from a total of 250K tokens totally to be issued, will be sold at highest offer in January 2016, and profits to be included in first buyback, expected 1st day of February. Any initial costs involved approx equivalent USD 2.200 in crypto will be deducted. More info: https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php/topic,19991.msg256901.html#msg256901
4)      A special bloggers’ page on OBITS will be up at launch called “Bloggers’ Club 500”, inviting bloggers from all over the world to participate in spreading the word about OBITS(weekly mailouts will keep them happy!). All bloggers to qualify must be upgraded as Life Time member on OpenLedger and is then able to sign up and to be listed on page with their account name, back link to their site,  language they use on site, automatic update how many referrals they have generated etc. Sign-up will ask for e-mail, and special agreement between blogger and OBITS will be made for special promotion code and other benefits and rewards aimed at making blogger always happy with OBITS, and all of this on the base of accumulated sales coming from their blog.

Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 7.43.31 PM
5)      A total of some 18 different languages are expected to be up and available on http://www.obit.io first week of launch.
6)      Did you know? All fiat buys of OBITS where you are able to provide copy of confirmed transfer will be sold at the rate of the day of transfer. We have multicurrency account, so you can transfer in any of the following currencies: EUR, USD, CNY, PLN, HKD, HUR, AED, AUD, NZD, CAD, SEK, NOK, DKK, CHF, JPY and GBP. Ask at ronny@ccedk.com for transfer details and price in local currency!
7)      Did you know? We accept orders of OBITS presale in both BTS, BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, DOGE, PPC, and NBT. Don’t know the address to send, ask at ronny@ccedk.com.
8)      OBITS market OpenLedger at launch with created sell wall: From launch day December 1st it will be possible to buy and sell OBITS on OpenLedger in following markets – BTS_OBITS already active, OBITS_OPENMUSE, OBITS_OPENBTC, OBITS_BTC, OBITS_OPENLTC, OBITS_PPC, OBITS_DASH, OBITS_DOGE, OBITS_CNY, OBITS_USD, OBITS_EUR, OBITS_NBT
9)      OBITS market CCEDK at launch with created sell wall: From launch day December 1st it will be possible to buy and sell OBITS on CCEDK in following markets – OBITS/BTC, OBITS/BTS, OBITS/EUR, OBITS/USD, OBITS/CNY, OBITS/DKK, and if we are lucky the trading pair OBITS/ETH will also be available at launch otherwise later in the first week of launch.
10)   Cloud server for Chinese population for quick access to OBITS website for orders and payments on site will be enabled from date of launch.
11)   On http://www.obits.io you are able to see automatic countdown of total supply available as well as sales from site.


5 responses to “EDITOR’S CHOICE – 2016 – HOW TO BUY OBITS”

  1. Hey Guys! I had the chance to have a Skype session with Ronny and this was a great chance to build up some community building in the ecosystem having been able to speak directly to the CEO of the CCEDK—- What an experience, and an honor!

    I expect OBITS will be highly successful after speaking with Ronny, hence the Editor’s Choice here! C;mon go buy some Obits!!


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