STATS update, #gatecoin, and OBITS climb #ether #trendingBTC

Hey Everyone,

There are only 7 days left of the IPO — get your shares now!

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2. Deposit BTC
3. Buy STATS on the Microstocks (our private stock) 7 DAYS REMAINING– THEN PUBLIC TRADES START
Gatecoin has some news that digs a little deeper than our recents incings and glazings and offers some insight to the Chinese bank and Yuan situation:
Screen shot 2015-12-22 at 1.51.11 PM


Let me run you some numbers on what I hope will happen in this new year of 2016 as well as present stats easily accessible thanks to the ccedk account of OpenLedger showing all profits made so far in regards to transaction fees and other ones, worth mentioning is that the past couple of months have been used to improve platform, and it is possible to see and daily change to the better towards a top designed platform

Here is an overview of the fees on platform

The details of obits account from where OBITS is sent and general update on what is left:

Statistics on OBITS asset:

Worth mentioning: 275 accounts sunday one week ago and now dec 20th, 284 have so far have bought OBITS, you can also see the accounts placing buy and sell orders on OBITS market

Statistics an charts

For instance 3580 unique accounts created one week ago, 3781 today dec. 20th 2015.

This one below to show how many Life Time member accounts have been created so far

With 3781 signups and in this link info how many users are referred by Life Time members as well 2936 users

3781-2936 = accounts created based on referral link of Life Time member

With 3781 signups we have an average of 60 sign-ups a day

The goal in 2016 is 120-180 signups a day, which I believe will come soon in the new year, making us reach an approx amount of users 60.000 by the end of 2016 if all works more or less according to expectations.

With 60.000 users on exchange, it is not far from an estimated daily  volume in profits of some USD 4000-6000 equivalent, and we have reached the goal of doing the same as some of the top 5 major exchanges, and 2017 will be all about the sky is really the limit!

Other news: Within next 10 day we have a special high quality use case video out, with the tag title OpenLedger – Smart Trading Decentralized, pointing out the difference between centralized and decentralized with OpenLedger in focus an OBITS as the profitable example of an asset on platform. Furthermore at one week later we also present a high quality How to register video presentation as well.

2 responses to “STATS update, #gatecoin, and OBITS climb #ether #trendingBTC”

  1. I like your review style, Coin Currency News. Very authentic :). Would love to feature your reviews in our weekly curated email digest that goes out to thousands of people.


    1. Feel free to share freely. if you want to make some dividends then buy the stock on / microstocks / STATS — then you can get paid for your efforts!! But if you’re a true blogger, then you probably don’t care about money, right? lol. #laughingtears


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