44% of stock sold in first fews days of IPO – Hurry In

Get your last minute chances to buy the IPO stock before dividends start in 2016

A 4MH/s Ether Cloud Mine has been added to the revenue stream, and some the funds from the IPO will go towards increasing the Hashrate to 10 Mh/S.    This revenue stream will be good for 1 year.


Login to your email account that you plan on registering with.
Get a pen and paper and write down your password***

go to alcurex.org and register.  you will be emailed a confirmation link, and a pin.

Click on the link, login using your password, check your email for a confirmation PIN CODE – enter the code.

Go to Wallets — Generate BTC deposit address.  Copy address.

Login to other Wallet at Xapo and click on the transfer/withdraw link — send at least .1 BTC to Alcurex.org deposit address.

Wait 2-4 hours — check your Alcurex account — login, enter the pin code from the email, then go to MICROSTOCKS — BUT STATS stock at .00001990 (current market price)

Buy as much as you can since there are a max of 100,000 units.

I am going to use the funds from the IPO to boost the mine, and increase dividends, and this way all the stock you can purchase now can be sold live on the market at any market price to those who want shares.



Screen shot 2015-12-23 at 3.59.36 PM



The site presently makes no revenue, however, the content, effort put in, and long-term value of the reporting, stats, and coverage does have value.

In the short term, Mining Contract dividends will be transferred to payouts on the Coin Currency News Stocks until there is an interest in having the Coin Currency News more widely read.


Until then, we just want to confirm that we added this small ETHER COIN contract to the revenue stream, which will be used to build upon using some funds from the IPO.




Also added to the asset stack will be dividends from 500 GHS on CEX.IO, should mining become profitable.


We believe that these shares will be a good investment, and offer a means for developing digital properties and value within the next 6-8 months.





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