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Hey Everyone,

Since we recently went public in our groupfunding campaign we wanted to share an update with you regarding the fundraiser, and have put the first milestone payment into a HIGH INTEREST MINING ACCOUNT (17%), and the other into a Genesis-Mining Contract!


This will be added to our other existing Mining Contracts including the following Operational Mines:

  • 2319 GHS – (BTC) – Operational
  • 4 Mh/S —  ETHER – Operational
  • 230 GHS – BTC – Operational
  • 200 Mh/s – Non – Operational  — waiting on Ethercloud.info to update ETHER groupfund contract (.57 BTC may have been scammed on this contract, but we are waiting to see)….
  • 900 GHS – Non-Operational


Here is our recent deposit to a fixed contract that will contribute to stock value and long-term profits

Screen shot 2015-12-26 at 7.35.12 PM


Our projected monthly revenues will be approx .1 BTC per month — so shareholders should have all their earning received back within 8-10 months.

For those looking for a diversified mining option from a industry veteran news writer, consider buying into our project and try to add some value to the stock.


We are always looking for partnership opportunities, and are increasingly looking to diversify our revenue streams, and now have an excellent platform where gold, bitcoin, microcoin, real property, and forex are an options.


Not sure?    Get a contract for yourself, and use your own dividends to buy our stock and pay it forward!!


Screen shot 2015-12-26 at 7.29.17 PM




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