New Record Highs Across The Board – BTC breaks 457 USD!!

Some new records highs were hit for 2016, with Bitcoin breaking the $450 mark for the first time this year, and many see this signal as a reflection of money moving from the flegding markets of old to the new altcoin and bitcoin currencies.  While these are merely guesses, and not backed up by any enormous volume (BTC Volume was still under 100 Million for the day), it does suggest that Bitcoin is backed by popular demand.

BTC CMP:  457 USD—- new high!

In other news, the STATS stock hit a new high, climbing over 80% to .002 per unit before dropping back down to .00005000.  Investors are also to note that 15% of the company stock as been listed at this price to give new investors the opportunity to buy a major stake of the holdings (15%), and that over 80% of the recent blitz was reinvested into a lifetime BTC contract, where .15 terahash/s has been added as a lifetime contract!  The payouts on this contract will begin tomorrow to increase revenue for STATS holders.

This is both great news for STATS stockholders, and Bitcoin users.


STATS CMP:  High volume placement of 15,000 Units (15%), recently listed at .00005000 btc, with previous daily high going above .0020000, and daily volume at .19btc

The Ether Mine attached to the STATS stock continues to deliver .2 ETH per day, and these coins remain in savings until a better CMP arrives, whereby trades can be made to deliver divs.


In other news, the division has announced that they are starting their affiliate program and had record breaking success in the tail end of 2015, moving up their count of registered users from 20,000 to 40,000 and have started to deliver weekly updates.


In other news, Xapo has added a gaming component that links to their wallet programs, where users can hunt for coins, solve puzzles and earn bits as rewards.  This looks like an exciting opportunity, and some live screenshots and samples will be coming in the next few days when we get a handle on these new and exciting games.

The remaining IPO funds have also been requested, whereby new contracts and existing contracts will be increased to deliver maximum rewards.





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