Bit Coin Currency News — January 12, 2016 – #cryptsy #Ybcoin #zeushash #STV #allcoin

In case you haven’t noticed, Cyptsy, one of the major exchanges that carries more coin trading choices than almost all other exchanges except for Poloniex, has been having a tough go with its withdrawals on some of the major coins like BTC, LTC, and BTCD, and others.  This is causing users to become more dependent on altcoins for their sending and trading, and is actually having an impact on the pricing of the altcoins, as coins that normally would not be purchased are being sought after for their ease of use on the Cryptsy exchange.


Perhaps having all those different coin options can create confusions and mix-ups among their accounts, as some users have experienced.  Speculators are suggesting that the hold on withdrawals on some of the major coins are paused to allow for time for some of these losses to be reconciled.

Screen shot 2016-01-12 at 2.46.09 PM

Many traders have been moving their coins off of Cryptsy because of the problems with delays, and others who have had problems with coins going missing of getting forked in trades.

In other news…. continues to give an error warning as it continues to improve itself, with users not being able to get their withdrawals processed because the confirmation email bot wasn’t sending the confirmation emails.

Screen shot 2016-01-12 at 3.05.31 PM

Users at Cryptostocks continue to get the error message, but faith has not dwindled, and it is a hope that Cryptostocks will be able to recover and continue to be one of the best home-grown platforms for coin equity and project trading.



Other equity exchanges continue to operate smoothly, with Havelock reporting updates:Screen shot 2016-01-12 at 3.07.06 PMmaintaining continuity through 2015, and into 2016, with their functionality being operable, with no problems.


In other news…. has now moved to and is giving users the chance to move their coins off the exchange before it begins a new operation, and as a result many traders have to sell their obscure coins at low prices, or create accounts on new exchanges that offer obscure coin trading.

Screen shot 2016-01-12 at 2.47.45 PM


In other News, Zeushash continues to operate as one of the largest independent operated mining companies, and is undergoing a major upgrade that has currently suspended their withdrawal feature until the end of JAnuary according to some support staff.  The upgrade is supposed to contain enhanced security and upgrades.

Screen shot 2016-01-12 at 2.49.38 PM


In other news, there are still plenty of possible ripoff sites, and possible scandal sites, which we continue to test by investing in them.  This is not the most sound strategy, but it is a learn as you go type approach that will hopefully pay off with knowledge from losses.

So far, the mine has not reported back on the .57 investment, and is likely a ripoff.


And the most recent investment of .045 to has not responded to withdrawals, or options for purchasing since the mininum investment must be a certain amount?   After contacting support, we haven’t heard anything, and will continue to be patient as we explore new mining and investment options.


In other News, the exchange has reached over 3000 users and STV, Sativacoin has made a request to list their coins, and the functionality of the stats stock is still being improved.





VPN Coin


Moved from a low of $1.03 to over $2.90 — what a run for Yb Holders!

Screen shot 2016-01-12 at 2.59.59 PM

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