High Volume Alert #YbCoin, #Ether, VPN – and Factom

One of the highest gains ever occurred in the last 24 hours of trading, as YBC, or YbCoin posted triple percentage gains as investors piled over 10 million dollars into the relatively small-supply coin.

Screen shot 2016-01-12 at 8.55.35 AM

With a total supply of just over 3 million, the coin made a run for the hills, but it was not alone.


Factom, a relatively new coin on the scene has also been quite sporadic and tough to pin down with its erratic market behaviour, also making gains of over 50%.


And some other key coins to note are VPNcoin, which climbed over 60% as well, and last but not least ETHER made 10% gains.


Bitcoin’s volume was below the average 50 Million mark on the day-trade average, and it may be that some investors are choosing altcoins to invest in.


What does this mean for Bitcoin?   We don’t really know, but what is certain is that it is still one of the highest volume coins on the market, and for the first time, some Altcoins have put some pressure on this reputation as it may not always be the biggest coin around.


Another suprising note is that Litecoin’s volume was surpassed by both Factom and YBcoin, a new indicator that we haven’t seen before.




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