#FedoraCoin AKA #TIPS — Cheap and plentiful

A new coin has burst onto the scene, and goes by the short tag “TIPS” — and with a supply of 280 Billion, the coins are cheap as borscht at the moment, selling for around 2 satoshi. At this price, buyers are gobbling them up and in just the last couple days, the coin has experienced decent volume, with the price jumping from 1 satoshi to 2 satoshi. Are people making money on these short trades?

Screen shot 2016-02-06 at 1.51.37 PM

The main markets to get your TIPS is BTER.

BTER has also been one of the cheaper markets for Infinitecoin, which has also seen lots of action on the Poloniex exchange where it is paired with Monero, and recently had over $100,000 (including the Jubi exchange) which has been the dominant exchange in IFC. However, many people still have IFC locked up in wallets on the Cryptsy exhange, as well as plenty of other coins. When Cryptsy opens the wallets, will this cause a price fluctation or a sell-off?

And today, here is a new red envelope:

Screen shot 2016-02-05 at 10.59.07 AM

It is true that ETHER is sold on Poloniex as well, and it is also one of the places that sells Cure Coin. Ether Coin is also sold on Gatecoin, and other exchanges. There Emercoin is also a popular coin, and is sold on those exchanges.


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