It seems like there is no escaping the Bitcoin revolution, and since it pays to be a leader of the pack rather than a follower, we decided to help noobs get started so they don’t have to waste time and money getting ripped off by scammers, imposters, and wannabes.

Getting started in Bitcoin is actually really easy. Like real life, you have a wallet, well the same applies in the virtual world, and you need a wallet to store your coins, so head to and download your wallet.

You can also get a wallet at, or open an account at — since these providers will also let you deposit money at the same time.

If you want to buy bitcoin using your Credit Card, open an account at and then you can get your coins that way.

Once You Have Some Coin

Once you have some coin, the fun can start. You can shop online for flights, or go right to an online marketplace and do some shopping:

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You can go gambling at one of the many online Bitcoin Casinos:

High Rollers can get their game on over at the Luxury Marketplace and buy some yachts or submarines:

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For many people, once they have Bitcoin, then trading Bitcoin for Altcoins and speculating for profit can be a fun and enjoyable way to pass the time, and also earn some profits. There are plenty of exchanges where you can trade your coins, and on these exchanges, you can often directly transfer funds to your bank.

For those that want to get some Bitcoin in-person, you can buy it at the Golden Gate Casino, or directly from your desktop by following the instructions at the top of this article. The Golden Gate Casino in Vegas has been accepting Bitcoin for over a year, and many other merchants now accept and recognize the payment platform as the wave of the future.

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Most of the haters of the Bitcoin revolution are losers who don’t want to accept that their games of glory in fiat have been pissing rust for the last seven years since the big banks screwed the markets over with their rigging and cheating, when many companies went bankrupt as a result. The problem now is that many commercial investors and banks are now driving the change towards the adoption of Bitcoin, so this may be problematic for regular people who wait too long since the price of the coin may soon be unaffordable. To prevent the prices from getting into the 1000s, or 10,000s, or millions of dollars range per coin, the altcoins have luckily been able to do a good job at deflating the currency to its current price of $424 USD.

Since it is the first world-wide currency, there is also less regulation than some of the other currencies, but over the last few years, the currency has been able to stabilize and has integrated itself into almost every technological and economic system around the world. To those using Bitcoin, we salute you! To those getting started, welcome aboard.

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While there are only about 225,000 transactions per day at the moment, the trend has been growing, so this may be something to consider getting into. You can easily send and receive money, and can track your payment at by simply entering your Wallet Key into the box and hitting search.

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