Editor’s Pick for March – #SpreadCoin (SPR) #risingstar

You may remember that our February pick was InfiniteCoin, but we must say that IFC didn’t perform nearly as well as we thought, and actually made no gains in February. We suspect that this is due to its large supply (90Billion), and even with the Lion’s Share being mined, there are likely tons of coins being help up by the devs, or on Cryptsy, so it is likely that IFC will make any real gains anytime soon.

Screen shot 2016-02-29 at 7.00.25 AM

Our pick for March improves on the the failings of IFC, and has some unique metrics that we think make it a rising star! Buy SpreadCoin on Bittrex.com

Screen shot 2016-02-29 at 7.00.53 AM

First of all SpreadCoin has an excellent model for investment with a max supply of 20 Million Coins! This is great for those who enjoy knowing exactly how big the supply is. NExt, the coin offers Vanity Generated wallets, so you can create your own wallet key using a business name, website, or some other personalized wallet, which opens up a whole new market in the area of “wallet branding” and “wallet reselling” — which we think could be big money in the future. IT also has a smooth halving system, as well as a unique mining system that allows the Miners to collect the reward rather than pool payouts. See website for specifics: http://www.spreadcoin.info/

The coin has an excellent roadmap: http://www.spreadcoin.info/roadmap.php and seems to have planned ahead for all the risk measures faced by less brilliantly designed coins.

So there you have it! We are picking SpreadCoin as March’s Rising Star!

In Other News

STATS dividends increased in February even though mining payouts decreased due to some good altcoin trading gains, including the profit earned from selling 500,000 NAS Coin, which added .10 BTC to the profit payouts to the STATS stock, with a total of close to .20 BTC being paid out in February. Speaking of NAS, it has since undergone a reverse split from 10 Billion Coins to a total supply of 200,000,000 Coins and the full conversion will be realized sometime by April.

MaidSafeCoin was one of the top gainers in February — moving close to 9 cents per unit, and has been a high volume trading coin over the last few weeks.

Verge, formerly known as DogeDark has continued to inch up over the last few weeks, and we suspect that is will continue to do so as it continues to build its enterprise under the new brand name.

Screen shot 2016-02-29 at 7.13.41 AM

Cloud Mining News

Zeushash, one of the long-standing biggies in Cloudhashing has migrated their Cloudhashing services in a merger with Halley BTC to create a trading platform at OX BTC. Users with hash on the previous platform will now be able to upgrade, convert, or sell their old hash for new hash contracts, or choose their own sell and bid price using the trading platform. It is going to be exciting to see some of the gains and losses that go down on these exchanges as less patient investors will have an easy exit, and others will have the opportunity to pickup cloud contracts at cheap prices with the hope that mining dividends will increase over time. Given their large supply of hashpower, and active user base, this platform will likely continue to be one of the top providers, and even grow its influence over the coming months.

Screen shot 2016-02-29 at 7.15.58 AM

They are also offering MHS mining contracts on Litecoin, but for $13 USD per MHS, can anyone even afford that? It is likely that most investors will try to capitalize on sell-off opportunities from investors who want to cashout after migrating their hashpower.

Screen shot 2016-02-29 at 7.23.52 AM


3 responses to “Editor’s Pick for March – #SpreadCoin (SPR) #risingstar”

  1. […] We can’t help but send a little plug to SpreadCoin as well since we recently took a look at their wallets, and can’t wait to start creating our own customised wallet addresses! This feature is going to make SPR a tremendously popular coin, since it will be so much easier to say send some SPR to “ParisHilton” rather than “()F@J$MEWLKNC#%T@” or other insanely hard to memorize tags. Having these vanity style addresses may add a new dimension to altcoin and bitcoin transfers and sends. What do you guys think? Is the SpreadCoin Vanity Addresses a good idea? Or, should wallets be crypto? […]


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