C-CEX Coin Delistings – Important News

Important news from C-CEX, one of the leading exchanges, that many of the coins on the exchange will be delisted, or removed if the volume does not increase. Sadly, many of these coins will not have the interest to maintain the volume required to stay listed, and as a result, holders of some coins are losing their shorts since all the buy orders have been filled.

The problem of having dead stock may be one that is more common in the coming months, as traders are starting to go with picks that are good choices for volume, and have some intrinsic service merit to their coin. While it is highly attractive to buy coins are low prices, it can also be risky, as we can all see from these coins potentially being delisted:

Screen shot 2016-03-05 at 11.31.34 AM

Some of the leaders rising from the selloff are Ether, Monero, Dash, Factom, BUCKS, and others who seem to be riding the tide well. Thus, it is going to become increasingly important to find coins that have good financial backing, and are not just paid listings, scams, or other problematic coins. As mentioned yesterday, in our column on choosing “non-cryptsy” coins, even this strategy is problematic, since good coins like Via, which have created a very versatile eco-system will likely be able to ride any waves that come.

Have a look at the C-CEX delistings, and don’t worry if you see some coins on this list, like STEPS, NOTE, BAY, and others that are good sellers on other exchanges since C-CEX has a group of traders that like to play favorites, and these coins may actually be decent picks, especially BAY, with their potential email to wallet function.


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