Asian Markets Go Wild On VPN – #Yuanbaohui #BTC38 $#Yuan

VPN Coin is going for a bull run in Asia, where higher than average volumes are ripping their way through the currency markets, with over $500,000 Chinese Yuan processed already today. Bittrex, one of the larger American markets is showing less than 1% volume, suggesting a heavy chinese influence on this currency. Will Bittrex respond? Or, will the Chinese continue to dominate the volume?

Screen shot 2016-03-09 at 2.17.20 PM

VPN Coin is just one of the latest coins to come back after a low run where it was trading for just over 1.5 cents US, before coming down to around one cent, and is now trending upwards on the Chinese Yuan, with over 26% percent gained. Many analysts see this coin, as a potential competitor against MAID coin since they both have a supply of around 400 Million, making them similarly matched in volume. MAID coin currently trades higher than VPN, but the services differ on the VPN coin, as it offers some more distinct Asian features, and other Virtual Private Network options from – where some of the development goes on.


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  1. […] Other reasons are simply that they are the best coins — even though they came out a little later than the initial production and minting of some of the other coins, they have had time to develop their business strategy, plans, and are prepared to go big, whereas smaller coins just never had the steam to get the momentum. […]


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