Cheap #AltCoins Not So Cheap Anymore – Buy More?

The recent bullish run onto some of the last remaining “cheap” coins, aren’t so cheap anymore, and it looks like investors are getting as many of these cheaper priced coins while the getting is still good.

From across most of the major exchanges this past week, some of the cheaper priced coins, or those trading below 10 Satoshi per piece, started raising the bar, making them not so cheap anymore.

For example, Qora coin moved to 13 Satoshi, Verge Coin lit up and is now pushing above 30 Satoshi, and other smaller-price coins are making similar moves. So why are these cheapos making higher grades?

The reasoning is vast, including their new-ness, for instance Verge, has little baggage regarding coins being held hostage on exchanges like Cryptsy, whereas Qora may have some of its stores locked up on these exchanges.

Other reasons are simply that they are the best coins — even though they came out a little later than the initial production and minting of some of the other coins, they have had time to develop their business strategy, plans, and are prepared to go big, whereas smaller coins just never had the steam to get the momentum.

Some examples of these are NEM and Verge, which are both relatively new, traded on multiple exchanges, and have reliable and addictive traits for coin-traders looking for coins they can count on.

The real question everyone is asking is, if I went to the bank to get a loan and buy some coins, which would be the best picks?

Screen shot 2016-03-11 at 11.29.39 AM

Of course, going with stable coins like Ether, Monero, and others may be a wise move, even the most stable of coins are subject to market fluctuations, so going for larger volume buys at cheaper prices across a greater number of assets seems to be one of the overarching strategies for new players. For those already invested, the small gains by the cheap coins, are just more reason to double-down and buy more while they are still cheap, as many times these cheaper coins continue to get more expensive, as was the case with Ripple Coin when it first came out. Will Qora, Verge, XEM, or any of these coins hit 2000 Satoshi?

3 responses to “Cheap #AltCoins Not So Cheap Anymore – Buy More?”

  1. You should never ever get a loan to buy coins. Do it with spare money.


  2. Where i can find a list with all altcoins ?


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