CHAI (Clearing House Asset Index) is listed on the Microstocks at for 45 Satoshi. The total supply is 775,000 units, and is eligible for 25% of fees received from Guided Transfer and other fees for services received from the BTCVIA services site.

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Additionally, another block of 775,000 units are already listed on the Clearing House, at where they are selling for 6 XCH (ClearingHouse Coin), and that block is also eligible for 25% of fees for services received from guided transfer and asset creation business services.

The fees for services charged by the group are to provide clients with an asset listing on the Clearing House. Clients can list their own asset with a small amount of VIA, but the BTCVIA site takes care of all the technical aspects on behalf of clients for a nominal fee of:

.3 BTC

1000 VIA Coin

10% of the asset’s shares upon issue.

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Getting your project listed on Clearing House can be beneficial for many reasons, including ownership and share transfer, dividend payments, buying, trading, selling, as well as adding notary documents to the VIA blockchain.

To get your project listed on the – do it yourself, or email to get it done for a small fee.

If you already have an asset on the Clearing House, consider providing asset details via the website, where you can list your asset among the asset index using the autopublish feature.

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Email for more information