– cheapest megahash on the block – but is it safe?

Does anyone know if the Scrypt.CC platform is working and reliable? From what we can tell after doing some recent investigations it appears to be working, functioning, and even has some of the best priced megahash around.

Priced at only 4011 Satoshi makes it cheaper than any other provider we found, but the real question is, is it safe?

Many aspects of the site aren’t working such as the password recovery tool, and the Status page, but the mining dividends appear to be working once logged in, and the trading platform works.

Some of the drawbacks are that it takes a day or two for your withdrawal to process, or for a deposit to show in your account, but if you are patient and willing to deal with some slowness on the platform, then this may be one of the best ventures for cloud mining using Scrypt!

Screen shot 2016-03-22 at 10.44.20 AM

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