Dividend Paid: STATS Microstocks .068BTC #bitcoin #altcoins

This dividend payment was slightly lower than average due to decreased production in the mines, and the lower price of Ether coin, which resulted in a lower payment. However, since the decrease in price in ETH, our production has slightly increased, and may offer higher dividends in the future should the price climb. There are currently 5 months left in the Mining Contracts with Genesis, and our OXBTC yields are dependent on the price of BTC and maintenance costs, which are affecting our profitability. We continue to hope that our contractors will lower the maintenance fees, and increase the profitability of our older contracts, which we recently purchased for a lower than average market price, where we were able to acquire 20,000 GHS, and although they are presently non-profitable, they may start producing in the future should Bitcoin become more mainstream.

Screen shot 2016-05-01 at 10.58.57 AM


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