Bittrex Exchange Adds Labs Component

Ever since the DAO coin bursted onto the scene, the Bitcoin and Altcoins community has seen alot more steam in its engines on the trading front, and seems to be leading the pack on new ways to leverage trades with their introduction of their Labs Division. The Labs allows traders to autosell, as well as get the option to trade any coin for any other coin directly without having to convert to BTC first. While this may be appealing for those looking to do quick trades, it does beg the question of whether the fair market value will be achieved based on the current market price.

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 10.29.12 PM

This new twist adds some new dimensions to altcoin trading that many trader have not yet been able to utilize, and in fact, some of these options are not available, and not enough information is provided to even know what these options will provide traders.
Like, what the heck is THE FLOOD? Should I be building a boat Noah? 🙂

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 10.29.39 PM

However, it does seem like these new options will definitely help diversify the trading options, as well as potentially cause market price points to achive higher volatility, as traders who look to catch a bull run may get lucky on cross-trades from the Any 2 Any coin trade, but it is still too early to understand how this will all factor in.

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 10.29.27 PM

Let The Discussions Begin!

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