STATS Microstocks Updates

Financial woes have hit and although the stock prices has not been affected, the monthly dividends are going to be moved into a cost-recovery mode over the next three months, thus reducing both the frequency and amount paid in the dividends. The most recent dividend payment on May 14th, 2016 of .018btc will be the new bi-weekly average payout, with hopes that some of the mines that have stopped production, may resume or be re-sold when operational again. In the meantime, the site will continue to operate as usual, and as usual will be open to vendors who would like to purchase the domain to grow their coverage in the “bitcoin news” niche. This site has over 228 posts, and having only been operational on the exchange for less than 6 months has shown sound ROI, in a highly volatile industry, which could cause the next dividend payment to substantially increase. It is too risky to say how production can change given the environmental conditions, but based on traditional data, there has been some production loss on the contracts, as well as currency exchange differences which have impacted the portfolio. However, it is also believed that some moves in the next few weeks will be considered, especially in light of some lower prices points, where we may be able to make some trading gains, so at this point, it is entirely too early to say how the pricing will be, but we are hoping for some optomistic outcomes.

Investors can email for further advice and planning.


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