#Feathercoin QR Code Generator / UFO Coin #UFO

All you need is a FTC (Feathercoin) Wallet and you can create your own QR code instantly to receive a payment. You can also use a FTC Button that attaches to your wallet so your site visitors can send Feathercoin quickly and conveniently.

Feathercoin Merchants

Feathercoin leaves you with a lighter than air feeling after sending a payment, and is really quite a lite coin. Did you know that UFO Coin is a spawn off of FeatherCoin because it uses the same Blockchain?

After taking a look at the BitcoinTalk site, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=844754.0 — it soon became apparent that the NeoScrypt and UFO Coin have some very special starting points for development, and furthermore, the concept that it has developed into is just fabulous!

UFO Coin is based in Italy and has an experienced perspective on how to develop the coin using the Neo-Scrypt and it really begs the question, Do UFOs exist? Which really begs the question: Do they use UFO Coin? 🙂


Screen shot 2016-05-21 at 4.56.52 PM

One response to “#Feathercoin QR Code Generator / UFO Coin #UFO”

  1. […] may be a good short to long trade as Feathercoin has been one of the leading players in the past, and undervalued compared to some of the other Alts […]


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